You'll Even Look Warm
Really, in a hat this cheerily coloured, you've got no choice! Not being one of those who can actually wear orange, I nevertheless have an affection for this happy colour; furthermore, it's my husband's favourite in the spectrum, and as today is the anniversary of the day we met, I thought it would be nice to pick something in his preferred shade. I can't wear it anywhere near my face lest I look as if I'm wearing a death mask, but isn't it difficult to not feel a little happier looking at a bright, joyful orange?

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This fleece hat will certainly keep you toasty - and in style, with prettily crocheted flowers (including felted beads) adding an extra kick. Not only will you feel warm and have a higher happiness quotient in this cutie, it would take a heart of ancient, long-frozen stone to not feel a little better after seeing you in it on the part of the folks you pass while going about your business.

This hat - and others in varied colours, as she only makes one in each shade - is available at From Belgium With Love. Speaking of joy, happily, international shipping isn't that expensive - $4.60 - and it's less if shipped with other items, like this pretty organza and felt pouch. The artist has funky, hilarious luggage tags, pins, iPod goodies, jewelry, and all sorts of cute, so definitely stop in for a peek!

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Blogger olivia said...

I love one of a kind, hand made items and its so great to find a blog that promotes artits (who make the sort of things I like!)

What a great little blog you have! I'm in :@)

Blogger SweetJen said...

Thanks so much, Olivia! The things these independent artists I feature make things far more likeable (in my mind) than the mass-market stuff. And the prices are comparable, so why not? :)

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