Holy High Glamour Alert!
If I've not yet mentioned it, I'm a big, big fan of classic movies from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Anyone looking at my wishlist would think I'm a DVD-loving grandma, based on the Grant and Stewart and Garbo and Bogey and so forth. I love the era, I love the style, I love the attitude. Back then, women didn't scoff at red lipstick, they wore it to the supermarket. The good old days.

So, any time I see anything reminiscent of that era, I go a little berserk. If I see something that resembles that era a lot, I go quite berserk, scaring our kitty under the couch and prompting Darling Hubby to offer me chocolate/wine/back rub (yes, yes, and yes please). That was the reaction I had upon seeing this ridiculously amazing Millie scarf at Supermaggie. This is so glamourous, it's heavenly. I hear angels singing. Do you? Grab your smelling salts, ladies, because this is a dreamboat of an accessory.

Isn't this gorgeous? This is not merely a scarf. This is a piece of a saint's wardrobe or something. I can just see Greta wrapping this around those ice-white shoulders, or Joan Crawford haughtily exiting a room as this luscious creature drapes over her arms, or Cary Grant suavely encasing Ingrid Bergman in this. It's delicious and drool-inspiring. (Why, thank you, yes, I'll take that Godiva.)

The colour you see is "Soft Camel", but Supermaggie also offers the Millie in Linen, Tomato, Deep Blue, Frosty Grape, Trash (a sort of blue-green-gray) and Vntage, which is linen, lilac, pink, and chocolate-y plum stripes across the width of the scarf. Very, very pretty, and very, very luxe - it's 100% merino wool, 64" long and 12" wide.

In case this is just too intimidatingly glam for you, Supermaggie understands. We can't all channel our inner Stanwyck on a daily basis, so there is also the Mini Millie - 60" long, 8" wide, but still snuggly Merino wool. Honestly, this is an accessory to last a lifetime. Gents, if your lady is really hard to buy for...I can't imagine your going wrong with one of these beauties.

Happy shopping!

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