Holiday Elegance

Well, I don't think you can get this beauty in time for Christmas parties, but I'm sure it can be at your doorstep for you to wear to New Year's fetes! It's so lovely and classic, but I think it would beautifully compliment fashion-foreward styles just as well as the traditional ones.

The Austrian crystals and softly green pearls set off the silver cross centerpiece on the bracelet. The cross itself is engraved with "There Is No Other" on both edges - making it a wonderful gift from a man to the woman he loves, or perhaps to one very faithful to God. The cross has Swarovski crystal-studded swirls sort of 'growing' out of it. What I didn't know is that green is considered the colour of faith, the Trinity, and the Holy Grail.

I can't imagine anyone (including you!) being unhappy with this beautiful piece. It's from Virago Creations, where you'll also find earrings, charming bobby pins (oohhhhh, so cute!), and many other sparkling treats.

Happy shopping!

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