Truly Sweet
People (like...Mom) think I'm crazy for not wearing pants. I am exclusively a skirts 'n dresses girl. It's just me - nothing freakish or religious, but I just prefer to be...skirted. Let's face it: there's a level of femininity pants don't offer. Furthermore, and more enticingly, skirts offer cuteness and whimsicality possibilities pants can't even think about without looking like Liza Minelli happily walking down the aisle with Elton John.

Take this delicious velveteen skirt from made with love by Hannah. Can you imagine pants trying to pull this off? Good luck. People will point and laugh.

But in a skirt (obviously in the longer incarnation, not the mini one), it's perfect. (And do I ever want this skirt.) It would look great with a snuggly white sweater...or a red one...or a squareneck cami with red detailing (like this, also by Hannah). I think a fitted denim jacket atop a white cami or fitted white tee would also be cute (and a little more...grown up, I suppose). An angora sweater would be cute, but I suggest a mini anti-fuzz roller just in case. Finish off the look with a pair of tall boots and you're good to go! I suppose this skirt is too sweet for some, but it's so festive and unique I just fell in like the minute I saw it.

Hannah has all sorts of other goodies, so stop in! Happy shopping!



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