Bulbs Are Blooming. In January.
A local here mentioned the other day that, due to the unseasonably (but not unappreciated) warm weather, her bulbs have started to bloom. Neither of us are sure if the plants will survive should winter ever decide to show up, but neither of us are really that unhappy that we've not yet had to deal with ice, snow, sleet, and the miserable bitter cold. If spring decides to come several months early, that's fine by us.

(Newsflash: Apparently, New York City is experiencing blooming apple blossom trees!)

In the spirit of "eternal spring and never snowing" (sorry, snow lovers!) I have to share this lovely Spring Cherry Tree copper and stone pendant from Triplelle. It's one of five, each a unique piece created by the artist. The pendant's frame is hand-hammered heavy gauge copper wire, with the tree's fine copper branches, twisted trunk and roots wired right onto the frame. The green 'leaves' are green peridot (my sister's favourite stone, by the way), and the cherry blossoms are a softly pretty rose quartz.

Happily, this even comes with a matching copper snake chain. If you check out the item's page, you'll see that she has photos of her third and fourth pendant, each unique in its own way. Triplelle also has a Ripe Fruit Tree pendant (malachite leaves with garnet 'fruit' - luscious!) as well as a Lilac Tree pendant, not to mention a bunch of other goodies - earrings, drop pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets - all beautifully handmade.

Happy shopping!

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