The Second Best Kind of Convertible

Isn't this a fabulous dress? But it isn't just a dress, it's a vintage dress and jacket set. This turquoise, woven gem has a beautiful neckline as well as the original fabric-covered belt. If you're a vintage nut like me, you know how rare that is! To top it all off, the little cap-sleeved jacket (which zips up in back) sparkles with a rhinestone-knot bow! So pretty, so unique...this is an item that's not just beautiful and attractive, it's still modest and ladylike - and in a colour that's flattering to just about any colouring. Not only that, but this dress can pretty much be worn to events year-round. If I can't have a '53 Corvette convertible, I can settle for this. In fact, admission: I want this so much it almost hurts. (Maybe I'll try to make it for myself. Any pattern suggestions?) So snatch it up before I change my mind and whip out the PayPal. ;)

At Bee's Knees Vintage. Happy shopping!



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