"See No Evil"? Sounds Appropriate!

Saw this one and couldn't resist putting it onto the site. This little "See No Evil" monkey pendant must be at the mall on a Friday night, or perhaps he just happened to be passing out donuts to the paparazzi following Britney Spears around last week (or whenever her anti-panties episode happened). At least the little guy has respect for the girls he sees who've never really realized that respect for themselves - and getting it from others - really does mean covering up so they can be appreciated for themselves. (Warning: I'm sassy tonight.) Regardless, he's cute as heck - and comes in a beautiful decorated tin slide-top box that happens to be as much of a treat as the necklace!

The pendant, suspended from a golden organza ribbon, is a scrabble tile covered with Asian paper. It definitely adds a quirky, fun, charming touch to anything from a pretty dress to jeans and a tee. It can also make a subtle statement, at, say church - if it's like my old one, where the girls wear sheer tops with nothing underneath and mini-minis. ;)

You can get a different colour ribbon if you like, and this piece is a ridiculously good bargain at only $10 - and he ships free if you order anything else from Littleput! The artist has several of these - all with that wonderful Japanese style - via her Littleput Books shop. There are more darling pendants (many of them), and even a photo album made from old Scrabble boards!

Happy shopping!

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Anonymous Mallory said...

Aww, this necklace is too cute. Great find!

Blogger SweetJen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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