Happy New Year!
Well, happy 2007 to all! We ended up being gone a little longer than we'd anticipated, but it's all right. I hope your Christmas or Hannukah was wonderful and that New Year's was a lot of fun. We did watch the ball drop, and it seemed as if everyone was having a wonderful time. Now, though, it's back to business!

Today's 'pretty' is this sheer jersey top with beflowered swamp grass on it. Obviously, it goes well with a cami underneath and a jean skirt, and it would look great with khaki or perhaps a courdoroy skirt. Set it off with a feminine ivory-coloured bracelet or pretty beads and you're good to go! It can go casual, or on a date, or nice dinner with the girls (or the guys, or to your vet, or Target, or...). The top is an American Apparel shirt, and they're very soft and comfortable. And who doesn't like jersey?

Creator circularaccessories offers this in all sizes, and at a very reasonable price. She has a lot of interesting stuff, including this goldfish dress I'd love to wear to the grocery store, but I can't wear orange. Still, imagining the reactions of my dear fellow Pittsburghers - who tend to be pretty conservative and standard in their dress, judging by their amazement at my boots and knee-highs paired with heels and a skirt - is amusing nonetheless. (Detroiters - I'm a native to Motown - have a fashion sense of our very own, much to the curiosity of those elsewhere.)

Happy shopping!



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