Lime-alicous And Then Some

Well, it's neckwear twice in a row, but women's accessories aren't nearly as boring as men's ties, right? (Probably due to the fact that they're being made for...well...women, and if you've ever compared your closet and dressers and shoes to a man's, you probably understand what I mean.) I saw this lovely piece on Flickr, and as it's been quite grey here in Pittsburgh, couldn't resist sharing the bright, popping green with you.

I've really become fascinated by the fused glass art lately - the colours are bright and cheerful, the pieces themselves are substantial as far as durability, and they just flat out look like candy. It's hard not to feel a little more cheerful looking at them, if you ask me. Artist Lis fired this art glass drop pendant three times to get the perfect look - sparkling breaths of aventurine green, a sliver of gold. The pendant bail is sterling silver.

In addition to being worn as a pendant, I'll bet that with a strong safety pin, attached from the inside of a sweater or dress would make a nice brooch. But that may just be my insanity speaking. ;)

Lis sells the necklace chain seperately, in eighteen and twenty-four inch lengths. The pendant itself isn't much, nor are the chains, so it's quite a deal. That brings me to the other thing I like about fused glass (also called 'dichroic') jewelry: it's a very pretty, chic, unique and durable, but it doesn't bear the hefty price tag of a rock from Tiffany's (not that there is anything wrong with Tiffany's) or the Coke bottle glass-cutters at the mall jewelry stores. Granted, it might not work with your silk cocktail dress or your wedding gown, but it's a fun, inexpensive way to add some really beautiful pieces to your wardrobe that you'll love to wear. Furthermore, it's made by an independent artist. What's not to love? Instead of one necklace you can probably have about thirty for you and your friends. And Mom. And Grandma. And to butter up your boss. Or just to give to someone who seems to need a cheering up or a blessing.

This and many other fun and pretty pieces available at Lis' Dichroic Fused Jewelry shop. Happy shopping!

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Blogger elenajuly1030 said...

Dichroic beads are fast becoming my favorites. Oh to learn how to make my own! For now, purchasing them and making faboo jewelry will have to suffice. :o)

Blogger SweetJen said...

Oh, girl. You have such fab taste. :)

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