Hello, Pretty Lady!

I'm not sure there is a thing to dislike about this charming, classic Vicky Dress from KP of Mignonette. The princess-cut beauty is an icy blue wool tweed and fully lined in midnight blue satin (mmmm!). Throw in a heart neckline, ribbon belt, and a knee length skirt, and you've got a beautifully flattering dress that's modest to boot. I love it! There's an invisible back zip, and the fabric is apparently pretty lightweight. You could wear it alone for a night out, or top it with a pretty sweater or fitted jacket for daywear (before heading out to knock their socks off).

This go-anywhere handmade charmer comes in sizes from 2 - 16, but she'll also do custom orders in your specification of colour and size and according to the size page, even style - so if you want to add 3/4 length sleeves to this lovely, I'll bet she'd be more than happy to accomodate you.

This is just beauteous, beauteous, beauteous, and made right here in the USA with fabulous style and quality, too.

Happy shopping!

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