Gum, Anyone?

As in...a raspberry gumball? This whimsical but still classy necklace from the appropriately named My Neck Candy is such a lovely piece - it has a little bit of a 'world' feel about it but is still subtle and modern enough that you can wear it with jeans and a V-neck or your "I hate business meetings" suit. Suspended from a silver chain, the large raspberry 'gumball' is actually carved resin, and the tassel beneath gives it just the tiniest Middle Eastern flair. Put your hair up in a twist or chignon to reveal the two red coin pearls that grace either side of the clasp for an extra-feminine touch.

Possibly best of all is that this fetching piece of jewelry is 25% off! Yup, Jeannie is having a big sale, with all necklaces and bracelets 25% off. So scamper on over and drool over candy that is far more lasting than Godiva...and won't make that party dress fit just that much tighter.

Happy shopping!

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