Because Bad Hair Days Are Easy To Find

All too easy to find, in fact. I doubt you need to take it from me (a woman with long, thick, THICK hair). That bad hair day can come because of weather, a hair dryer that decided to burst into flames, running out of styling product, or just plain, good old-fashioned "Bad Hair Day", but they happen, and they are not pleasant. In fact, a few years ago, a study actually found that we aren't exagerrating - even the memory of a bad hair day can deal your self-esteem and mood a heavy blow.

Most women I know just throw their hair up in a ponytail, but mine is so heavy that I've had to find other ways of dealing with the dreaded Ides Of Bleah. Most of the time, I use chopsticks and twist my hair up into a french twist, or will hastily arrange a low 50's style rolled chignon with whatever bobby pins - and God forgive me, if I can't find any pins, paper clips! - I can scrounge up. Obviously, we will go to great...er...lengths to correct our disobedient locks.

Headbands were out for me for a long time, too - they don't mix well with eyeglasses should I have to done specs on a bad hair day, and how often have you gotten a ferocious headache from a too-snug band? Lately, however, it seems that headband makers have gotten the hint: we don't all have squishy, small heads. It seems that headbands now allow for a normally sized human head, and furthermore, pretty ribbons being used to tie back one's mane are coming back into vogue in a big way - indeed, they are touted as stylish and sleek all over the place!

This pretty striped scarf headband from One Good Bumblebee is among my favourite kinds of headband: read, "stylish, adjustable fabric". Even better, they come in stripes - red or black on white. They're an inch and a half wide with twenty inches of ribbon tie - you can leave the ties hanging loosely, tuck them under, or if you are feeling particularly ambitious, wrap your locks in a pretty Edwardian, Kate Winslet period film-ish style with these modernly striped ribbons. Best of all, they're easily stashed into one's purse - just in case that cloudburst decides to make you it's special target all the way in from the parking lot.

At One Good Bumblebee. Happy shopping!

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