You've Seen It Here First!

While the feature item yesterday was a pendant, I saw this later in the evening and had to share it. As far as I know, it hasn't been picked up by anyone else just yet, and the artist just released it on Flickr last night.

This leaf resin pendant is more than unique. It's almost Victorian in taste - their affection for nature and romanticism - but it's also just flat-out neat. It's such an interesting pendant, isn't it? The actual teeny-tiny leaf is embedded into a droplet of resin that's been poured into a mold. The artist then wraps the end of the droplet with silver wire to form a pendant loop. Everything is done by hand - forming the bottle-shaped mold for the resin and placement of the leaf. She has just started making these, and apparently has similar pendants with shells, broken bits of coral, tiny flowers, seedpods, and small nuts planned for the future.

Available from onegirl, who has some really attracive but chic simple items. Happy shopping!

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Blogger Anne said...

Neat!!! It would be cool if s/he did this with small flowers too!!

Blogger SweetJen said...

Well, her website says she does plan on it - I think that the seashell ones will be beautiful, too.

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