Modest Actually Can Be Cute. Shocking, But True.

I think most women are aware of the fact that your basic crewneck tee isn't all that flattering. Personally, I prefer a fitted squareneck or V-neck tee - they're more polished-looking (and more flattering), not to mention cooler temperature-wise for someone who tends to overheat a lot (like me). For some reason, though, it's difficult to find well-fitting, well-made tees that aren't cut down to my bellybutton. Besides, just think of the sun damage to the girls! Eeeek!

Squarenecks are a very flattering cut - possibly more than a v-neck, but that might depend on your shape. It broadens your shoulders more, which can balance out wider hips and even make a waist look trimmer. V-necks do the same, but I think squarenecks are even better at it, at least for an hourglass figure like my own; v-necks, however, are more feminine and dressy, so it's all about what you need!

These squareneck tees from Diviine ModesTee just about fit the bill. The neckline is a smidgen too high for me, but it's still pretty and highlights the collarbones, never a bad thing - overall, I could tolerate it and honestly probably wouldn't even think about or be bothered by it once it was on. Not only will this go well for casual wear, it would probably look professional enough under a jacket for work (if tees in that situation are too warm for you, there are also regular and lace-hemmed camis).

At the moment, there are five colours - black, two shades of pink, kiwi, and aqua; the tees come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-large, so this company is definitely doing their best to be available to all comers! All tees are made from durable, non-pilling (YAY!) cotton Lycra which has been tightly woven so it isn't sheer and won't lose its shape. Right now, the store is having a 20% off sale, so it's the time to buy!

Diviine ModesTee also offers short-sleeve V-neck tees, a pretty bell sleeve v-neck (I've a strange liking for bell sleeves), and a 3/4-sleeve squareneck tee, as well as a variety of other tees and camis (some are lace-trimmed), all in a mix of colours.

The website features a tribute to their mother, a woman who instilled self-respect into her daughters and taught them a value system consisting of (from daughter Marci):

"...the power of modesty, strength from integrity and the beauty of virtue as a woman. My mother taught me these values, but more importantly she lives these values. She was determined to maintain a modest lifestyle, fashion and expected her daughters to do the same. She taught and showed me of my divine worth by her modest example. I saw and learned that a modest woman emulates an inner acceptance of oneself, an unseen power of virtue and self-worth. I learned that women need not show off their bodies for attention nor affection."

How refreshing is that? Sadly, today, it seems as if some moms are in competition with their daughters to be the next one immortalized as a Bratz doll or Hustler's "Seen On The Street" page. Sigh. I am very blessed to have a mom who was both fashionable and modest.

The tees and camis are all available from Diviine Modestee - and since there's a sale going on, it's probably worth running over!

Happy shopping!

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Blogger Sherada said...

I love Diviine ModesTee's swim wear and clothing line.
I get compliments where ever I go on all their designs. I too have the square neck tee, and love it! It is a great neckline for anyone with broad shoulders like me- and I love the length too. Thanks for the article!

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