Twofer Tuesday: Kimmeo

I am aware that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I thought about doing a post of all Valentine-y items a couple of weeks ago, but I'm really rather torn about the day - for one thing, a lot of my girlfriends are still single, and I personally remember some really irritating and lonely Valentine's Days. Seeing 527 jeweler commercials during the evening news, reading all the fabulous "Romantic Meal For Two" recipes in the cooking magazines, the cards and hearts everywhere...it can wear one down, especially when you're alone and would rather not be, or if a romance ended recently, or when every other woman in your office has flowers/chocolates/teddy bears on her desk. Sometimes planning a girls' night still doesn't take the sting away! I don't want to pile onto anyone who might already be feeling a bit bummed or extra-solitary right now.

Of course, red is one of my favourite colours, and it does tend to perk folks up and get the blood moving, so let's see what I can scrounge up for tomorrow, shall we?

But first, there's today to deal with, and I'm very excited to bring you the beautiful, singular work of Kimmeo. Everything she offers is so beautiful, it was incredibly difficult to choose just one thing - but fortune of fortunes, it's Tuesday, and thanks to the beauty of alliteration I can give you a twofer!

The first necklace is Sonja, an almost mouthwatering combination of greens and blues with a little chocolate thrown in for good measure and easy coordinating with your wardrobe. It's on a 16.5-inch silver chain with very pretty silver findings. At only $30, I'd have to say this is a steal for such a wonderful piece of jewelry!

My other choice (and there are several others still battling it out in my head for billing here!) is the beautiful chocolate and sea green, very amusingly named Erin A. Lizardbreath. This 14" asymmetrical choker features the same large brown beads you see in the front in the back as well for a very polished, finished look. I know a lot of women don't like chokers, but since I don't really wear low necklines, I tend to like them - and they do draw attention to one's neck (wear that sunblock!) and collarbone. Ms. Lizardbreath - based on the name, I assume she's single and looking - is another bargain at $35.

Artist Kim, native of Georgia, offers matching earrings for the "Hm, maybe she didn't have her coffee today?" price of $10 when you buy a necklace. She's also willing to adjust length if necessary and sends her artistic gems to you in gift box attractively wrapped with wire. Sounds like a great deal to me (especially the matching earrings).

Kimmeo is a prime example of the high-caliber, often art-quality goodies one can find shopping indie - and at reasonable prices, too. Her work is just wondrous, and I think you'll have fun just looking at her shop - if not buying. ;)

Happy shopping!

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Blogger Anne said...

I love both of those necklaces!!!! (but you're right, I don't like chokers :P)

Blogger SweetJen said...

I can be an oddball that way. ;)

Blogger SweetJen said...

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