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I can't remember when, exactly, I stumbled across the wonderful, joy-spreading A Dress A Day blog, but it was instant love. I love dresses. I love vintage. I love good writing. So...what's not to love about Erin's little spot on the web (but never on a dress, of course).

One of the cool things she does is write a series of short stories called "The Secret Lives of Dresses", inspired by dresses she comes across. The dress featured here is her latest bestoried frock, and you can read Volume 11 of her amazing, magical little forays into what dresses might just be thinking and feeling today here. I highly recommend reading it (all of them!), and hope you are as enchanted by Erin's creativity and ability as I am. It takes a specially talented person to so imbue inanimate things with such heartbreakingly human spirit - and Erin is extraordinary at it.

Indeed, the dress you see here is the inspiration for the latest "Secret Life", and it's a lovely inspiration, is it not? Not only is this vintage 1950s darling in beautiful condition, it's a normal (read: workable for many) size - 38-32-52. The pretty floral plisse has been styled into a very flattering dress - the neckline, the waistline, the flare, those sleeves - scratch 'very', it's extremely flattering. There's a tie in the back, too, the better to show off your waistline (note that the cut of this dress will give anyone a waistline, even if she's a teeny thing like my sister). Instant hourglass figure.

If you find it a little 'too much' for work, add a fitted jacket (not a big, sloppy boxy one) or a fitted silk cardigan. But I can't imagine anyone being unhappy to own this sweetheart of a wardrobe enhancer, can you?

This beauty will be off the market as of Valentine's day, so get your bid in now - at the moment, it's only $21.50, a more than reasonable price for such a great piece. This and other goodies - a LOT of them - available from Floozee's Vintage.

Happy shopping!



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