Lollipops For Your Hair

There is a fabulous pair of shoes in my closet to which I refer as the "party on my feet" shoes. They are so cute, a pair of Candie's pumps I snagged at DSW a couple of years ago at a steal of a price. So much did I like them that I went back and bought the same shoes in another colour - they're that kind of shoe. (I found a picture of them for you.) I feel happy when I wear them, and judging by the compliments and actual squeals of delight from other women I hear when wearing them, they have the great power to make other people happy, too. Not a bad deal!

That's what I like about these absolutely adorable Cream & Orange Candy Hairpins from the super-talented Debra of Red Polka Design. They're a yummy bright orange with fun stripes and dots - people might be trying to pluck these from their hair, hoping for a snack. The polymer clay "candies" are set onto bobby pins, making them two inches long in total. In addition to cutely pinning your locks back, these pins have the added benefit of the "cheer factor" - and probably not just for you!

A mere $3.50 at Red Polka. Happy shopping!

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Blogger Cindy said...

Jen, I love this blog! What a great idea. It's going on my blogroll right now. :)

And the shoes! LOVE 'em!

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