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Honestly, this "Two on Days Beginning With 'T' " isn't going to become a tradition, at least not that I know of. I wanted to share a cute purse with you today, but not far from the embroidered handbag of my choosing I saw a cute little accessories pouch. Since they do coordinate nicely (and turquoise-chocolate is such a pretty look), why can't I share both of them with you?

Both are from the talented hands of CandyArgyle. First of all, we have the blue embroidered purse. Made of a lightweight pinwale corduroy reinforced with interfacing (for sturdiness), it has cheerful brown, tan, and golden daisies embroidered all over it for a more feminine look. The straps are long enough that you can carry the bag dangling from a bent elbow (the proper way to carry a bag, per a few of my vintage manners books) or tucked between your arm and body if you're maneuvering through downtown crowds, a mall full of teenagers, or just happen to think the guy sipping coffee at the end of the hall as you're heading to lunch looks a little creepy. (It happens.)

Lined with a light golden fabric that has a large interior pocket for those things that tend to get buried, this bag is big enough to hold all of your stuff and probably even a snack bar for that late-afternoon plummeting of your blood sugar. Cute, isn't it? And at just $26, it's a lot of bang for your buck.

CandyArgyle's shop also has this terrific corduroy snap pouch in a brown pinwale corduroy with the same pretty flowers embroidered on it. What caught my attention here were the snaps, as opposed to a zipper. How cute! Not only will this tug neatly and prettily into the blue purse, I can also see it being used as a clutch. It's lined with a creamy, vanilla ice cream-esque cotton and is reinforced with interfacing. Perhaps best of all - other than the "How sweet!" factor - is the price of $10.

Dare I say: Who needs Target anymore? (I'll have you know I could actually lose friendships by suggesting such a thing.)

CandyArgyle's goodies are all made in a smoke-free, pet-free home, so no need to fear a musty smell or one's allergies flaring up. These two items would make a great treat for yourself - for no reason at all or perhaps for accomplishing a goal - or a fabulous gift 'set' for a friend (throw a pretty compact mirror in there as an extra treat and you're going to have a very happy friend). I like that these are colourful items that still manage to be easily coordinated with whatever one is wearing that particular day. The shop is full of great bags with fabulous patterns (check out the runner-up) and even baby goods that are equally chic, and it's fun just looking around.

Happy shopping!

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Anonymous Bambie said...

Just thought you would like a comment from Candy Argyle's mom - and that is me! She is stay at home mom, and besides sewing darling bags and baby things, she is raising a couple of darling girls and a great husband. She is the kind of girl you would like to have as a friend - I am blessed to be her mom - but it would sure be fun to be her neighbor!

Blogger SweetJen said...

Hi, bambie! I read that on her profile - stay at home moms ROCK. (Take it from the daughter of one.) She really is talented, not only with her family, but her sewing, too. :) (I, for one, look to the day when I am that skilled with my Singer. Hee hee) Thanks for stopping in!

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