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The beauty of simple things is that their very simplicity makes them extremely compatible with so many other things. I'm sure you have, as I do, at least one piece of jewelry in your collection that goes with just about everything - a pair of diamond stud earrings, a string of pearls from your grandmother, the perfect handbag or pair of pumps that can be worn with jeans, cocktail dresses, and everything in between. Such accessories are truly a joy to own - always there to fall back on, always looking perfect in every situation.

Silver has been with us for ages, adorning women (and men) for its cool elegance and ease of styling it. It tends to be less expensive than gold, and therefore more ubiquitous, but its beauty allow it to be comfortably casual or exquisitely sophisticated. Accessible by nearly everyone, silver has lost none of its style and has adorned some of the world's most formidable rulers; indeed, the standard for sterling silver was set by the great Elizabeth I of England - also one of the first women to begin ornamenting herself with jewelry (an affinity she inhereited from her sword-happy father).

This filigree vine necklace from ES Designs is a perfect example of something wonderfully simple, unassuming - but is also that ideal, essential finishing touch to your wardrobe. Far from boring or common, the sterling silver has been gorgeously styled into a clean and unassuming filigree set in a pretty teardrop. Suspended from a silver chain (the length, from eighteen to sixteen inches, is your choice), this handmade pendant is just perfect for nearly everything in your wardrobe. Fine artist Beth sends this lovely to you in a recycled paper gift box with a red bow, and your necklace and pendant wrapped in non-tarnishing tissue paper - perfect for gift-giving, or a gift to yourself!

A mere $30 from ES Designs, where you'll find some truly beautiful things, like petal earrings (even ginkgo leaf earrings!) and rings, freshwater pearl jewelry, and even hammered copper.


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Anonymous Maile said...

That's a great point about everyday jewelry. I do find myself wearing the same earrings day after day. It's funny with necklaces, though, I tend to only wear them on special occasions.

Can't imagine why that is. I bet this one would get noticed again and again.

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