Fun Friday: Bunnies! (And One Goldfish)
After the response to last Friday's cute sweet pea necklace, I thought it would be great to turn Fridays in to "Fun Friday", where I feature something for nothing other than its cuteness, fun-ness, quirkyness, and/or funkyness. It's Friday, we've all had a long week and truth be told, a lot of the time some of us would be happist just putting on our comfiest jammies, curl up on the sofa with the sentient being(s) of our choice, nosh on something halfway evil like Chipotle or sushi, and watch a good movie or read a fantastic book or do our nails or some combination of the above. Am I right? So, I figured I'd add to the joy of the weekend with the entertaining cuteness I find in my searching. Sound good? I hope so. :)

There are few things cuter than a cuddly, big-eyed bunny - nose a-quiver, whiskers trembling, the soft fur begging to be touched...yes, you know very well of what I speak, don't you? But wouldn't two saucer-eyed bunnies be even more adorable? And if they were bunnies about to Eskimo kiss...well, there go the alarms.

Tonight I bring you this darling bunnies kissing necklace, handmade with etched sterling silver on a 17" silver chain. It's from Danielle of PreciousPups - and since Danielle is a Canuck hailing from my much-missed home state of Michigan, I exhort you to shop at her store with extra heartiness. The back of the pendant can be etched with a name or date if you'd like for a little bit extra; if it's a gift, she'll ship it with an adorable bunny mini-card! She'll even lengthen the chain if necessary. $28 from Precious Pups.

Danielle, the artist, has two shops for your enjoyment - Precious Pups over at Etsy, and one under her own name, Danielle Maveal. I'm also quite partial to this whimsical goldfish ring (also made or sterling silver); her shop is full of goodies from the fun (evil kittens, anyone?) to the lovely (a mod-shaped black acrylic pendant inset with two CZs ).

Enjoy! My apologies for being absent yesterday - the sleep situation is something I'm still attempting to get under control. Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Bejeweled said...

Friday Fun Day sounds like a great idea! The bunnies and the sweet pea necklace are wonderful fun pieces. Looking forward to all the cuteness!

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