Look at Molly now, here she comes

There was a news story I wanted to chat about today, but not only was I rather busy, I've not been sleeping well of late (as in, only three hours or so a night for reasons unknown over the past eight weeks). It is my hope that we can discuss it tomorrow, although it isn't exactly extraordinarily revelatory.

Thanks to the internet, of course, finding lovely and modest things for you doesn't require booting up my IQ! Since I do so love bringing pretty, wearable-size vintage and indie to you, here's another fabulous treat: a blue Leslie Fay daydress suitable for the office, a lunchtime tea, Sunday service, or those days when going to the grocery store in your usual duds just isn't that exciting. The white cutout and buttons are so simple and chic (seems to be a theme this week!), and while the white belt doesn't come with the dress, soon enough they'll be all over the place. In the meantime, you can always throw on a red belt, right? I think skin-toned shoes would look just fine with this also - lengthening the leg - and if you can find a matching blue, go for it!

Made of linen, the dress has measurements of 34-36/30-32 (the waist is elastic)/42, and 41.5 inches. I really, really like the cheerful shade of blue, and as I've already pointed out, the white cutout and buttons are very flattering and modern for a vintage piece. And for only $21.99? Hie thee to Peppermint VIntage for this and a whole store full of great vintage and restyled vintage goodies!

(Simply must have a white belt so you can take this doll out for a spin? Try this, this, maybe this?)




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