Well, I just noticed today that the super-talented rhembein has tagged me, but first things first - I will answer the tag tomorrow (because it'll take that long to figure out who I want to tag!) There are some news items I'd like to touch on as well, so I'll take care of all that fun stuff tomorrow morning-ish.

Tonight I stumbled across this wonderful nuvo-black pin by Yuri Nakatani at the Blissen shop. I can't think of much more to say than this is so pretty and unique, and is indeed a modern twist on the cameos of old. An elegant, dark-haired lady graces this pin, which is made of shrink plastic - so that it is lightweight and won't give you that sagging sweater look. (So frustrating, I know.) I'd say this is the fabulousness of Shrinky Dinks taken to a whole new level, but this is such a uniquely elegant but fun piece of jewelry I am not sure bringing that childhood favourite into play would be maligning the pin or not!

Pins and brooches, of course, are delightfully versatile, and there's no reason to relegate them to upper-body wear only. They make a beautiful, eye-catching adornment on hats, scarves, handbags and totes, even the waistband or hemline of a skirt, where a grouping of similarly styled (and it is hoped lightweight) brooches and pins can make an otherwise simple skirt go from everyday to utterly amazing. Why not use a pin or brooch in your hair as a barette or finishing touch on an updo, or set onto a chain as a pendant? The possiblities are just about endless (that's the joy of accessorizing).

Each of these individually drawn, limited edition pins is $20 at Blissen, where you can also find artwork, baby onesies and tees, stationery, t-shirts (this one is my fave), and other wonderfulness . Enjoy!

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Blogger Zabrina said...

Hi SweetJen, thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy that you liked that bulletin board.
I will come back to check out your posts..
Can I just ask you something? Is that only happening with me, or your blog layout is not working properly? Maybe is happening only on my browse...IE 6, I am just curious because I like to deal with layouts and html...

Blogger SweetJen said...

You are welcome, Zabrina! It is such a good idea.

I'm not sure about the layout! Maybe I'll look on my husband's PC - I work on a Mac, and have only Safari and FireFox. Thanks for the tipoff.

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