Fun Friday: Getting Into Gear
I've been waiting to feature this for an entire week. Isn't it the defintion of 'fun'? Made of old clock gears and a textured sterling silver rectangle, this flower pendant is definitely bound to get attention. Two clock gears form the primary part of the flower (the smallest being a winding mechanism) and the 'stem' is made of sterling silver wire. The pendant is available by itself or on a sixteen-inch sterling silver ball chain (hm, wonder how many more times I can say 'sterling silver'?) with a lobster clasp. It's also available with a different chain if you so desire.

The spiral clock gear pendant is just as fun, with a more abstract design (I think this is my favourite...if you made me choose...) The gear has mounted onto a metal spring with a heavy duty magnet clasp - so you can rotate the gear to match your taste or play with during a dull, mind-numbing meeting to keep yourself entertained and/or unnerve your co-workers ("Hey...wasn't that thing...on the other side?").

Providing us with another fine example of "upcycling" and the definite waste-conscious, creative minds of the modern fine artist and crafter, these charmers are from Katrinbird Designs. All orders ship in a gift box within 2-3 days, and she has several more clock gear pendants, earrings, and other wonderfully ingenious pieces of jewelry for your enjoyment at her shop. The flower pendant is $42 and the spiral is $36. I really like this jewelry - it's stylish and entertaining all at once, and would make a great addition to your collection or an unforgettably cool gift for a friend. Just window-shopping her shop is great fun.


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