Happy Birthday, Sprout!
Sprout Studio Birthday

Can't say I'm up to my usual hunting tonight, as I sliced my hand open during an unfortunate and rather embarassing kitchen incident Friday, making it hard to type without running the risk of making my keyboard look like a set piece from a horror film.

But it's okay, because it's Sprout Studio's second birthday this month! Hooray! Purveyor of some incredible retro cuteness for wearing as well as cheery stationery and charming tea and ceramic accessories (I'm a big fan of tea, how about you?) made by Jenifer's own hands in her own kiln. I know I have at least one pair of awesome earrings from Sprout and get a lot of compliments on them, and I really like my flower tea tiles. Her rings - there's one bedecking an orange up there - sell out ridiculously fast, and you'll easily be able to see why.

Sprout Studio is perfect for gift shopping too; not only is everything really fabulous and chic, Jenifer makes shopping there such a joy it's hard not to keep going back for more. And more. So you can't say I've not warned you.

In addition to the cuteness already in the shop, she's due to add more great things soon (trust me, I've seen the pictures on her Flickr stream, and they are wonderful). There's more than enough to keep you occupied at Sprout 'till the morrow, when I hope my kitchen mishap isn't so threatening. Enjoy, and happy second birthday to Sprout!



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Such cute, chic things! Those rings really are wonderful!

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