Perfectly Feminine Elegance

First of all, I must warn you right away: this drop-dead gorgeous dress won't be available after Friday afternoon, so if you're interested, hurry over to place your bid now!

Yes, once again I'm featuring one of Kashute's amazing vintage finds. After seeing it, how could I not share it with you? Kashute calls it 'sensational', and I have to agree. This 1950s dream dress is made of rich grey silk charmeuse with a lace overlay accentuating the bodice - which appears to have dove-grey pearls and small rhinestones sewn onto the lace, adding to the stunning nature of this beauty. As you can see, the back has a pretty grey bow topped off with a rhinestone brooch. Beautiful! I can guarantee no one else will have this dress and you'll feel like the most glamourous woman in the room. Measurements are 38-31 with full hips and is 42" long.

This gem, right now priced at $49.99, is in excellent condition. I imagine that she was treasured and beloved by her owner, who probably felt like a queen every time she put it on.

There is so much to fall into deep like with about this wonderful frock. The flattering sweetheart neckline is high enough to remain modest and ladylike (and offering some nice accessorizing options - don't get me started!). Lace, of course, is eternally feminine, and when paired with silk - well, that combination is what makes this beauty so sumptuous. The full skirt, inverted 'V' lace applique, and darts at the waistline work together to create a waistline or accentuate the one you have, and with a full skirt like this, you'll be able to dance the night away without having to tug things back down time and again for fear of ending up in a highly-viewed YouTube video. Overall, this is an incredibly feminine dress - proof that one doesn't have to display everything in order to be beautiful and chic.

(As you know, I don't think 'modest' means looking like a shapeless pillow. We should easily be able to pick you out of a lineup as definitely female.)

Honestly, this is the kind of dress people buy just to display on a dress form purely because of its amazing beauty and perfection. But as I'd much rather someone continue to wear and enjoy the dress on their person...someone go snatch up this truly fantastic dress!

From Kashute - where, trust me, you'll always find at least five things to drool over. There are also several more pictures of this amazing dress on its listing page. Enjoy!

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Anonymous Picholine said...

It's gorgeous! Five years and three babies ago, I could have fit into it ;) I'll have to post a picture of my wedding dress sometime--I think you'd like it.

Blogger SweetJen said...

Ooo, I'd love to see it. Maybe I can have a page full of wedding dresses...

I'm really tempted by this one. It's a bit too big for me, and I don't trust myself to take it in without ruining the luscious fabric, but...just look at it! *sigh*

Anonymous Picholine said...

Too big? Go for it. Don't take it in--just wait until you either turn 30 or have a few kids (doing both at the same time worked for me). Although you might just be the type to go right back to your skinny self! The page of wedding dresses sounds like a fun idea.

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