Keep 'Em Close

This keychain mini photo album is too cute - cheery colours (the rest are below), always-chic polka dots - and it's useful cuteness at that. Inside are two spots for photographs of the ones you love - significant other, family, best friends, your pets, or maybe even inspirational photographs that take you on a mini-vacation. You could even insert prettily printed or written quotes or Bible verses that soothe or bring joy to your heart for those moments you need an extra pick-me-up. Since it's attached right to your keychain, odds are good that the faces of your loved ones or some inspiration will always be nearby.

I'd say it might be good for holding a quarter in case your car breaks down or you need a ride, but that just obviously shows my age (hey it wasn't that long ago this was a viable option because cellphones were the size of a large toolbox, nor were they as ubiquitous as they are now).

Your perky keychian mini-album snaps shut and has a split silver ring for easy addition to your keys. According to inspire, it's also scrapbook friendly - this would make a great surprise addition to a scrapbook or maybe even a handmade card, and at $6.50, it's inexpensive enough that business owners, especially artists, could give these away to clients - and you can give them as gifts to anyone! From the magical land of inspire company. Enjoy!



Blogger Zabrina said...

Would be great to put my kid's photos!

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