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Before I get started, I have a question - do you have problems reading the site? Are the posts all the way at the bottom? I've had a couple of emails and can't quite figure it out. If you have better script-writing know-how than I, your suggestions will definitely be welcomed! Thanks.

This morning, my best friend sent me a link to pants like these - we both bellydance - saying she wanted another pair, as she already has a luscious tone ones. I looked at the pants, went, "Oooo! Perfect!" - and then looked at the price. They're $75 plus $6 shipping, so it's $80 for a pair of pants I'd only wear when dancing. In the morning. By myself. $80 seems like overkill, and I said something along the lines of it being too much to me for what is workout wear. If I performed publicly, I might feel differently, but there it is. (I do like the pants. If I had $80 to drop on workout wear, I would probably buy these.)

All of that to say she's going to roll her eyes and laugh about tonight's post.

Most of the time, when I look at clothing (excepting vintage), I say, "You know, I coiuld make that for a lot less. Yes, it will take me two weeks and a few frantic IMs to my mother-in-law, but I'll bet I can make that myself." But sometimes we all see something that is just so cute or perfect it's nigh-well irresistible. The very least I can do is share it with you, right?

That's today's Pretty Pretty Princess shirt from Identity Crisis. Creator Karly (cohost of DIY Network's terrific Stylelicious) whipped up the first of these as a prototype one day and wore it out. After receiving an avalanche of compliments, realized she had a hit on her hands (she walked out of the bar with two orders). How's that for the American Dream? I love it!

Identity Crisis offers several of these, including some in lace and another in a modern but still feminine sheer floral. This one, in navy with a fabulous floral contrast collar and sleeve trim, is probably my favourite just because the contrast is so perfect, isn't it? Of course, navy is a go-anywhere colour and always a classic look; add chic flowers as Karly has done and you are definitely going to end up with a winner. As you can see, the collar wraps around your waist and ties, adding a bit of an Asian flair to your day.

Best of all, this comes in a very wide range of sizes (perhaps custom - bust sizes ranging from 30-43 or 'other' and waist from 23-40 inches or 'other'), so you should be able to get any one of the Pretty Princess styles in your size. I'd probably wear this one with a cami underneath for just a tad more coverage, although the way one works ties might provide enough. This shirt would look great with pants or a skirt, and I think would look particularly smashing with white bottoms. $76 at Identity Crisis. Enjoy!



Yeah I heart Karly and her shirts. They are really falttering on.

Blogger Amy C. Martin said...

That shirt is adorable!! Everything about it!

(Yeah, I have to scroll down a bit to read your posts, but I don't know how to tell you to fix it :) )

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