Fun Friday: Who, Who?

Who else thinks this adorable owl tote bag (note the orange and green - I am of O'Hara stock, after all) is perfect for a visit to the library, bookstore, or toting books to class? Carrying crafty supplies to a cute-making party or on a vacation? Colourful, chic, and, let's be honest here, pretty darned adorable, this tote will make whatever you're doing a little more fun. How could it not, with this cute owl face peering back at you, surrounded by colourful flowers?

"Hoot" and his bouquet are painted onto a silkscreen and then printed onto a canvas tote bag - as artist BlueThimble says, a 'painted print'. The tote has a decently-sized handle, so I think it can easily be slung over your shoulder if necessary, and the bag itself is 15.75" high, 14.75" long and 4" wide - quite large enough to carry most of what you need. The painting itself is so charming and fun, I know I'd love carrying this around town or while on vacations. The owl's solemn but sweet face is nigh well irresistible. $38 from BlueThimble Handmade Designs, where you'll find more really great tote bags as well as some really, really fun jewelry (we're talking retro veggie necklaces, lemon earrings, and the happiest wearable pair of bouquets you ever did see). I have a funny feeling she'll be back on a future Fun Friday just because of her wonderfully fun style!

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Gorgeous bag!
Thanks for sharing :)

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