Sparkling Your Way Into Spring

We took a later walk than usual downtown tonight...what can I say?

I can say "Buy this fantabulous ring", can't I? This is one of those things I see and just know I have to feature because of its sheer wonderfulness: great colour, a fun style, and reasonably priced. If that's not trifecta, I don't know what is. Only $8.50 at LAMDesigns.

Created by Laura, a professional embroiderer, I'm sure this ring will make you smile every time you look at it. (It's also a good excuse to update your manicure.) This English artist was actually accepted to the Royal School of Needlework in 2002, spending three years learning what is not only a fine but an enjoyable art - embroidery. Isn't that wonderful? (Sounds like a dream school to me.) She has a gallery of her work here at her UK-based site.

It cheers me to see embroidery making a comeback of late; it was a hobby I greatly enjoyed as a girl in but had to give up as life became more crowded. Fortunately, the regular five-hour each way drives to see our families (mine live in Michigan and Hubby's are in Ohio) opened the door for me to begin embroidery again in the car of all places. I'm now blessed enough to spend a little time each night happily stitching away. It's a simple hobby to begin if you want to work with your hands and add a personal touch to napkins, bed linens or kitchen towels, but as you can see from Laura's work, there is an entirely separate level. Her Snow Queen is gorgeous work (in her gallery).

Best of all, though, I think every embroiderer can say this: not only is it a beautiful hobby to partake of, it's very relaxing and fun.

(Full disclosure: Despite never having been there *sniff*, I have a very deep and abiding affection for England and the people thereof. I'm almost as happy to feature a Briton as I am a Michigander. I'm a strange woman...)

Yes, yes, I've spent all this time speaking of embroidery without showing one of her wonderful pieces. How cruel.

Beautiful, don't you think? This hand-embroidered peacock feather cuff is $34 at her shop. The feather is embroidered onto dupioni silk (wonderful texture for jewelry, in my opinion); the cuff fastens with a black ribbon. The Swarovski crystals add just the right touch of glamour, although I think this piece would really be fine without as well - the embroidery is absolutely lovely, isn't it? A piece of curved plastic on the inside of the cuff maintains the crisp shape. There are also matching earrings, a pendant, and a ring. In reality, you're wearing something that is more a piece of art than jewelry alone.

Trust me, you'll enjoy looking!

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Anonymous Laura J. said...

I LOVE this ring! So pretty, and one of my very favorite colors! :)

Anonymous Picholine said...

Love that ring! Thanks for the tip...it even got me to sign up with Etsy :)

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