Fun Friday: Things Are Going Swimmingly

This fun swimming goldfish ring is so cute - his graceful fins draping beautifully alongside and behind him as he makes his way across your finger.

There's something about goldfish that make me think of childhood fishbowls and park ponds. Actually, when my husband and I were having our engagement pictures done at Henry Ford's Fair Lane Estate in Dearborn, we looked behind us at the pond (fed by one of Michigan's many rivers) we were standing in front of to see a swarm of goldfish so large it looked like a giant orange blob moving through the water.

It was very strange, to say the least. But have we any reason to fear the cheerful goldfish? Of course not. Even...extremely large schools of them...living in the wild... *cough*

(Maybe some goldfish do end up somewhere better when flushed down the toilet?)

Made of a glass mosaic tile, the metal goldfish is sealed with a glossy resin that adds shine and adds to the illusion of a fish swimming through water. While this ring from PoPkO is red, she offers the goldfish ring in a variety of colours, from white and blue to purple and orange. For just twelve dollars, you can add some real whimsy to your jewelry collection. Enjoy!

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Anonymous alex said...

I love this ring. how cute! .. i was just looking at a bag I made for my daughter awhile back that has a goldfish on it & thinking how cute and whimsical ( child like ) goldfish are. : )

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