Fun Fridays: As A Matter of Fact, We Do Have Bananas Today

That or I'm going bananas. Writing about world and current events can do that to a person sometimes. ;)

Despite their bad mental health reputation, though, bananas are not only tasty, versatile, and healthy, and also good for your brain. Elvis liked frying them up in his peanut butter sandwiches, while many of us love to find them topped off with some yummy ice cream. Their slippery skin has been the foil for many a bad (and good!) guy and I'm pretty sure I've heard rumors about frozen ones being used as weapons (I prefer them dipped in chocolate myself).

These cute happy banana earrings from Fashion Compassion take this underrated fruit and place them onto your ears. Vintage glass banana medallions are set onto small, lightweight, dime-sized aqua beads for an accessory that is not just a great colour combination but also a culinary statement. Since the banana pieces are true vintage and in limited supply, that means these playful earrings are in short supply too - but at a mere $11, you can snatch them up for those days when you want people to get a chuckle out of taking a second look (just remember your earrings so you don't think they're laughing at you).


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