Beautiful Button Rings

Aren't these button rings beautiful and wonderfully unique? Made of beaded memory wire set with petite, elegant vintage buttons, I'd think this is a piece of jewelry one would treasure - just great vintage style, no doubt about it. My favourite is definitely a, with the lovely flower button, although b makes it a tough decision. The memory wire fits (roughly) a 6.5 and there isn't much give, but if that's your size, this might be a really wonderful addition to your accessories!

There's something wonderful about vintage things, especially little things like these buttons, isn't there? It's like holding a small piece of history, and I know that I'd often catch myself looking down at the ring, wondering who bought, what dress or blouse it was for, or if perhaps it was meant for something she was making for someone else. I'd muse about where the button went - a wedding? A museum? A child's birthday party? A funeral? It could have been worn anywhere, by anyone, and to me, that's one of the beautiful things about vintage treats such as these. They give me an excuse to exercise my overactive imagination. ;)

(Additionally, if you sew or craft at all, you know how insanely expensive buttons - even plain, boring sensibly utiltarian ones - are.)

$20 from Mood Swing, a shop full of whimsical, beautiful things. It was quite difficult to choose just one goodie, so I think we'll be visiting them again! I really think you'll enjoy her shop - it's shabby chic less the shabby, if that makes any sense at all (I see you shaking your head, "Um, no." But you can trust me). Enjoy!

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