I. Am. So. Excited. For YOU!

I've not told you I'm a chronic insomniac? Yes, the rumors are true, I don't sleep well. But it all works out for you! While enjoying the brilliance of Alton Brown tonight, I started nosing around for cuddleliciously sized vintage and indie and I'll tell you right now, we are getting hooked up! Hooray! Things like this wonderfully crisp, summery 38-34-free hips sashed shirtdress for just $15.

I'm really excited and may have to start posting more than one thing a day (God forbid, right?) It's a little harder finding this stuff, but I will continue to do my best.

I'm toying with the idea of setting up an anonymous 'poll' of sorts that would allow you to tell me what size(s) you wear so I can better feature items in your size. I will admit that I'm on the smaller side, so what is large on me might not be large on you. My frame of reference is a bit skewed, I suppose. Of course, feel free to leave that info anonymously in comments - just remember I need measurements because indie and vintage aren't 'standard' sizes. Please, do help me help you. ;) Thanks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You select the cutest things!!

Wow... I'm kinda skeered to find out my waist and hip measurements. Eeks...

Maybe it will be incentive to get healthier. :o)

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