Fun Fridays: I Say Toe-May-Toe, You Say Toe-Mah-Toe...

This one is definitely for a gal with a real sense of fun and humor, although I do think this would be the perfect skirt for a barbeque or state fair. From a distance, this looks like a red and green polka-dotted skirt. But on closer inspection, lo and behold...they're not polka dots, they're tiny tomatoes! I've no idea where the artist found this terrific fabric, but it's definitely an inspired choice, particularly since she's perked it up with fetching green bias tape along the hem.

From creator Chunky and Funky, this skirt measures a 36" waist that stretches to 42", 46" hips, and it's a nice length at 29 inches long. Flirty, fun, and sure to bring a lot of smiles, this skirt is only $35 and ships free. You can even accessorize your warm-weather skirt with this matching pocket mirror. I say wear this to the office with a fitted tee or cami and fitted denim jacket to the office some Friday - maybe with kelly green espadrilles, since they're back (again)? - and enjoy your day.

You'll find several other cute skirts at Chunky and Funky, as well as some very entertaining notebooks. Enjoy!



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