Back From Paradise...

Well, we're back from what was supposed to be a surprise anniversary trip to my favourite place in the world - Lexington, Kentucky - but it wasn't a secret because Hubby couldn't keep it that way. ;) I adore horses and racing, and was quite glad that Hubby had a great time as well. We were able to hit Keeneland, visit the amazing people and horses of Old Friends (a Thoroughbred "retirement home" of sorts), Winstar, and Taylor Made, where I was able to pat and scratch under the manes of horses worth far more than I am, and made off with some terrific photos as well.

I earned myself a fabulous sunburn at Keeneland. We'd planned to go Saturday, went Friday instead to beat the monstrous crowd expected for Saturday, and me without my usually ever-present sunblock and hat equals a red Jen. We both burned, but mine is pretty bad - my arms are still really red and I think I could fry an egg on them. But it's all right; sunburns on our vacations seem to be a tradition of sorts, no matter what sunblock precautions I take (and they are MAJOR - I practically bathe in the stuff every day). I'm quite glad I had on a short-sleeved sweater (it had been chilly in the morning); had I worn a sundress, my skin would be in far worse shape today.

Great food, a *fabulous* B&B (we met some wonderful people there, including two couples from Michigan), typically beautiful Kentucky countryside, and a wonderful, wonderful first anniversary trip.

In fact, we both enjoyed ourselves so much (how can one not - Lexington is stunning), Darling nearly booked us with the B&B for a week again next year, but we'll see. We came back to learn that my Wings advanced to the next round of the playoffs and that 79% of the women in Pittsburgh still hate me for saying (this is nearly verbatim), "I think all children do much better when they are at home with their mom" a week and a half ago. Sweet! I've quite a bit of catching up to do, and 600 photos to process, but we had a wonderful time.

I'll be back later today with a wonderful goodie or two for you, but pictured is the iPod cozy (modified to include a headphone pocket using this tutorial from Crafty Daisies) I made on the way down to Lexington for the iPod we purchased as our anniversary gift to one another. We travel so much, it makes sense to have the music and lectures we like with us; we just pop the iPod into an FM transmitter in the car and off we go. It'll definitely come in handy for our next trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama and the trip down Route 66 we're hoping to take soon - radio stations are few and far between in some parts of this great country! For a closer peek (and to see the headphone pocket, if you are at all interested), click here. Next up: a cozy for my A80 digicam, which I carry everywhere with me and has could use a safer place to hide while in my purse.

I hope everyone had as wonderful a weekend as we did. :)



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