Uptown, Everything Is All Right...

This Uptown tote is perfect for carrying all of your necessaries and accoutrements around in style all spring and summer long, isn't it? (No, I couldn't resist toying with a favourite Stevie Wonder song.) Made with a beautiful scotchgarded Erin Michael fabric, this colourful bag has been quilted for extra softness and texture, and looks like it has a very durable but nice lining, too. The bag has also been given a heavier interface on the bottom for stability and will thus stand upright even when empty (I did this with my first tote and am quite glad I did).

The bag is a pretty good size - twelve inches long, five inches wide, and eleven inches tall, with thirteen-inch straps. You could fill it up with good reads at the library, goodies at an art or crafts fair, business cards with samples and brochures for a business conference, or throw in bottled water, sunblock (thou shalt NOT forget they sunblock, dear ladies!), a mind-candy book, your shades and flip-flops for an afternoon at the beach. I'll bet some of you can actually fit your primary purse into this bag as well as your needs for the day, but...well, at the moment I am not that girl. At just $24, this big carry-all tote is not just a good deal, it's a chic good deal, and therefore one to be snatched up quickly.

I have to say, I really like how the artist started making purses. She's a wife and mom of two teenage daughters who said "No!" when they wanted an expensive designer purse - and made one purse for each daughter instead. So pleased were the girls and anyone who saw them with their mom-made goods that Mrs. Mom decided she had a fine business on her hands. I love it. :) All of her products - including some really neat garbage totes for your car - are made in a smoke-free home with loving care. J.Pat Purses also has a spotless feedback rating, so you know you're in good hands. She uses some really fun fabrics on all of her goods, and by looking at the extra-large picture of the Uptown tote, I think it's safe to say she does a fine job (having semi-butchered my first tote, trust me, I'd know; it's amazing what one learns when they begin sewing for themselves...). Everything in her shop is stylish and there's something for nearly every taste, so enjoy!

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