Well, I had featured a dress here by a woman who will customize a sundress for you. However, a friend emailed and noted that there was some art also by the same woman that is not at all in line with my philosophy, not to mention a bit jarring should a young girl (there are a few younger readers of this site) click on it. I vet all of the vendors featured here, but somehow missed this particular item when I looked. Therefore, in the name of integrity, I unfortunately have to remove the featured item as a result. I've already emailed the artist and explained, which will probably tick her off, but again, my philosophy is to feature clothing that is modest, attractive and stylish. While I've nothing against great art (museums are a favourite haunt of mine), some things really do just go too far in my opinion.

I should further note that I am vehemently against pornography of all kinds: it degrades women, I don't care what anyone says (my minor is psychology and male/female relations have always been a special interest of mine). Pornography contributes the mindset of women as nothing more than creatures to be objectified, rated, and used up based on nothing more than their appearance, and does indeed contribute to sexual violence against women. Is a nude woman beautiful? Indeed! More than one artist has said there is nothing more lovely than a woman. Some of our greatest art contains nude women, but it is for the purpose of art and speaking truth, not titillation. However, our bodies are gifts and treasures, and should be exposed, as it were, only in the right context. The female body was never meant to be put on display in various states of undress for others to ogle and criticize. Yes, there are those who will do that to a woman wearing a potato sack or a burqua, but unfortunately, when a woman 'lets it all hang out' she loudly invites the objectification of not only herself but all women. This is not right, and it is certainly not a good thing.

Women are more than the sum of their body parts, and if we expect to be treated that way, we need to dress that way. Part of my mission here is to find attractive clothing that allows us to dress that way. It makes no sense and completely compromises me if I feature artists who also create things I think are harmful to not just women but mankind as a whole.

However, just so y'all don't feel gipped, I'll feature another curvalicious wardrobe treat, this cute vintage 70s dress tunic and skirt I actually like (hey, it's from the 70s!). Isn't it cute? Made of rainbow-striped chevron knit jersey, this is not only comfortable but a flattering fabric when worn properly (read: even the skinniest dame might have to wear Spanx under it). The cut is flattering though, with a V-neckline opposing the chevron stripes from below, making the shoulders look broader. (I especially like the capelet feature on the tunic top.) The elastic-waist skirt and tunic have a nice slight flare at the bottom, and this is altogether a very attractive outfit that, due to the colours and fabric, are pretty seasonless as far as I'm concerned. It's listed as being in 'excellent' condition, so lucky you!

Best of all, since this is a tunic and skirt, you can wear the skirt with a black sweater (any colour top, really) or pair the tunic top with jeans, dressy slacks, or another skirt. The tunic can hang loose, or finish it off with a belt as shown.

Usually patterned separates are just way too busy, but the seamstress of this outfit picked the perfect fabric - not so heavy a print that you'll become dizzy just looking at it, but it's also very fun, chic, and flattering. The top is 42-38-46, and the skirt is 28 to 36-free hip. t's just $30, but the sale ends tomorrow. It's from one of my very favourite eBay sellers, bebopadiva, who has sold me some really beautiful vintage pieces in the past. She's a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild, and I can personally vouch for the quality of the items she sells. (She is also very nice.)

Enjoy! I'll be more careful about vetting vendors.

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