Fun Friday Semi-Digression: Orange You Glad It's Friday?
I know, awful pun, but today I really can't get away from it. These dresses are fun, although probably not whimsical, but they're both so lovely and the auctions on both end today, so I felt I could semi-digress from Fun Friday to share these with you. It's all for your benefit, after all. We've got two beautiful vintage dresses with orange to look at - one curvalicously sized and the other a bit smaller - so let's get on with the pretty frocks, shall we?

Now, this first dress might not be everyone's taste, although it might just be that it is (kind of) spring right now and this dress definitely has an autumnal feel to it. That said, if you shop vintage at all you know good vintage usually only comes around once because the items are one-of-a-kind: if you like it, snap it up or risk losing it forever. So, I figured it would be good to feature this dress despite its fallness, just in case one of you has an autumn wedding, party or formal coming up and want to get the irritating "What do I wear?" part over with early enough to spend all the time you want shopping for shoes and accessories. ;)

An original from the golden age of the 1940s, this beautiful dress is oh so pretty and feminine. An orange, coral, green, and chocolate floral is turned into a full-skirted beauty with a very nice scoop neckline - not too low but not uncomfortably t-shirt like, either - and pretty sleeves that look like they'll hit just above the elbow. There are bust darts for shaping - it looks like it may just be a princess dart, but I do believe I see side bust darts there as well. Actually, the neckline is rather unique - the scoop, and then another sort of scoop at the shoulders. Perfect for showing off beautiful skin and pretty jewelry, don't you think? I particularly like the unapologetically bright orange sash at the waist - beautiful! It will define your waist and brings out the brightest colours of the dress. I must say, while these colours don't flatter me, I think this would look terrific on a brunette, and this dress is really a uniquely pretty one.

Measurements on the dress are 38-34-42. Unbelievably, the price tag on it is only $12.50 - but the auction ends tomorrow, so if you're interested, dive in and grab it now - even if you're marginally interested, it is worth buying and trying on just in case you realize next week you just can't live without it.

Our next dress is another pick from a favourite seller of mine, Kashute. It showed up in one of my email eBay searches and I went gaga - never in my life have I been unhappy that orange is not my colour, but today, with these two beauties, I am halfway cursing my pale hair and complexion. Is this gorgeous or what? From the 1950s we have this beaded orange silk dress, fit for about a medium at 36-30-free. I just adore this dress - simple, classic cut made spectacular by heavy jade, pearl, silver, and white beading along the collar and straight down the front of the dress (the top picture in the post is a detail of the beading). This is very flattering look, as it will lengthen and slim your appearance.

The label on this wonderful dress reads "Ruth McCulloch: Evanston/Hubbard Woods". Right now, it's going for just under $82, and expect the bidding to heat up over the next 22 hours, when the auction ends. Really, I just had to feature this really lovely dress because it's a great example of modest yet beautiful, stylish, high-end clothing. The dress is perfect for spring through fall. It's beautifully made (it appears to be fully lined) and is in excellent condition. Kashute says it's a work of art, and I have to agree - for both dresses.

So that's your orange, spring please come soon Friday Pretty/Modest fashion fix. Today's designers may be clueless as to creating attractive clothing that covers what ought to be covered, but obviously they were able to do so 60 and 70 years ago, with fewer advantages than designers and seamstresses have today. Both of today's features - Kashute and Designer Deals For All Ladies - have a lot of quality vintage (especially Kashute, I have to say) that makes just looking at their wares fun and inspiring. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

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Blogger Bejeweled said...

What wonderful beaded embellishment on that second dress!

Blogger SweetJen said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I don't think it met the reserve, either, so maybe it'll show back up on eBay...

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