Industrial Blooms

I'm sure we're all still in a somber mood today, and I considered not posting at all, but decided to go ahead. I did want to note that I'll be gone for a few days - our first wedding anniversary is Sunday, and we're both taking time off to spend it together (imagine that!).

I saw this in the shop of someone whose earrings were what initially caught my eye, and this pendant is so unique and interesting I decided to feature it instead. Each of the copper blooms has been individually sawn, carved, formed, filed, sanded and rubber stamped for a very pretty and warm textured look before being drilled and fit together with its partners. Suspended on an 18" copper chain, the pendant is just under four inches long and the largest disc is a little under two inches wide.

This necklace and pendant are so warm they of course make me think of summer (actually, just spring would be nice, right?). It's definitely a beautiful piece of jewelry and one not everyone else will have! $32 from ticklebean, who donates 30% of her Hope and Healing jewelry pieces to a rape crisis center in Bangor, Maine. All of her jewelry is lovely, and she has some really cute critter knitting patterns and the knit critters themselves if you'd rather she do the work for you. ;) Enjoy! And I'll see y'all Monday unless I have time to do a Fun Friday.

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