Pretty As A Picture
Isn't this bird pin lovely and wonderfully sweet? A miniature collage piece made of paper from old calendars and then covered in plastic, it's definitely a one-of-a-kind wearable work of art, perfect for heralding the much-appreciated arrival of spring. There's a beaded pendant attached to one side to add a little extra heft and sparkle. Perfect for attaching to your handbag, jacket, or a light sweater, this pin is only $6 from Pequenio Craft.

Artist (and professor) Andrea is wonderfully creative, and it was very difficult to choose from her jewelry and other goodies. Another fave is this $15 leaf necklace - which I happened to see in a Flickr craft group, leading me to explore her store - and these adorably demure paper doll earrings for $6. There's a great amount of charm and whimsy to Andrea's work, and I'm certain you'll really enjoy her shop.

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Anonymous Felicia said...

Such pretty earrings!

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