And All That Jazz

Aren't these razmataz earrings fabulous? The colour combo of bright cherry red and cool periwinkle is very popular right now, but it's got a classic, retro feel and so will always be in style if it is your style. They're very summery shades, and make me feel cheerful whenever I see them. I really like the hook these dangly earings are on - it'll keep your pretty earrings from falling out and getting lost. The circular blue beads are such a wonderfully fun shape, too.

From Underdog Ink; you'll have to go to the jewelry section to find them and they're the first item in the fourth row. On your way to the razmataz for your ears, you'll see quite a few other chic and pretty earrings, so hang onto your wallet! Or not. At $16, these are a bargain, and all of Lisa's work is equally well-priced and hyper-fabulous. She sells everything from rings and hairpins to tees, stationery, and totes, all wonderfully designed. Everything from Underdog Ink, home of high fashion and one of the cutest logos ever. Enjoy!



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