Directly from the great state of Texas comes this mouth-wateringly hued wrap skirt. Brightly coloured flowers rest on an orange background, and the skirt is trimmed in a cheery shade of fuschia. Orange and pink always look wonderful together - the colours are reminiscent of tropical fruit and they're almost like sisters on the colour wheel. Best of all, with a skirt this beautifully coloured, you have a lot of options for topping it off: pinks, turquoises or aqua, red, chocolate, classic white, buttery yellow...I really like this skirt! The colours are perfect.

Handmade by artist Kaite of Katinka Pinka, who lives in a pink Victorian farmhome, this fabulous $55 skirt will fit up to a US size 12, up to a little more than 42" hips. The mannequin has 35" hips, so as you can see, there's a lot of room - literally - for all sorts of bodies and sizes. It looks to be beautifully well-made, too; with its classic style and fine craftsmanship, it'll last forever. This skirt can go everywhere with you - casual Friday at the office, church, picnics, the beach, a night out, a stroll with your dog around the neighborhood, vacations...with the number of top and jewelry combos available, the possibilities are almost endless. Dress it up or down - the skirt is what counts here: everything else will just be sprinkles on your hot fudge-topped ice cream (in other words, careful with the embellishments on your skirt or you risk looking too 'busy' sartorially). Don't even get me started on shoes...

Not only is this made with love here in the USA, it sounds like Kaite will bend over backwards to help you out if you need to return anything because of sizing issues, need something rush-shipped to you, and will wrap everything beautifully for that complete boutique experience. Indeed, you can fulfill nearly all your shopping needs at Katinka Pinka, as Kaite has everything except tops (at least for the moment): more than enough necklaces that would look fab with this skirt, and a few rings that would coordinate wonderfully as well. Of course, she sells earrings of all sorts as well as several other terrific prints of this same wrap skirt - you could snag half your summer wardrobe in one shop! What more could you ask for?



Blogger Zabrina said...

Hmm, it's a beautiful skirt. Oooh 12 size. Ehehehe, my hips don't lie, better say, my belly don't. I also love the combo orange and pink. When I was expecting my second child, I was wondering about pink and orange for the room, but he is a boy...
thanks for visiting Jen.
Take Care.

Blogger Elena said...

Jen, that necklace is totally YOU! Hint, hint, HINT to Mr. B!! ;o)

And those rings are making me drool for creamsicles! =o]

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