Fun Friday: I Love Lucy! Do You Love Lucy?

As a little girl, one of my favourite shows was I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball, with those big, beautiful, expressive eyes, her wildly red hair (not its real colour, she was a rich brunette before Lucy), peaches and cream complextion, and that amazingly fabulous wardrobe, was probably my very first fashion icon. That the show was funny and had an exotic flair (for those days) with the addition of Lucy's husband, Cuban actor Desi Arnaz (the brains behind the image, a shrewd businessman with a fine singing voice) made it all the better. Lucy and her antics also remind me a little bit of my mom's mom.

The years haven't done much to take away my affection for Lucy. Nearly 20 years after her death, Lucy is still an American icon - of the 50s, a fashion icon, a comedy icon. She's instantly recognizable in America nd probably around the world, and I can't really think of anyone who doesn't like her.

That being the case, how's about this fun Lucy pin from Art + Energy = Alchemy. Add a little zany to your day by pinning Lucy to your sweater, dress, handbag, or scarf. The image has been made with heat-sealed laminate, glitter around the edges (doubtless a tribute to Lucy's sparkling personality), and cream and white flower beads. For $20 you get a unique piece of art to wear and an almost sure-fire conversation starter (or, at the very least, something that will cause most folks to look twice and smile).

There's all kinds of fun at Art + Energy = Alchemy - pop culture jewelry (like Fred & Ginger earrings) and flower wrist cuffs made with yarns the artist has rescued from her own Nana's sewing room. If you'd like more Lucy, I'm sure I Love Lucy is running on some television near you, or you can check out The Lucy and Desi Collection, the favourite of which (for me at least) is The Long, Long Trailer (possibly just because I've grown up with RVing in what I jokingly referred to as "Ritz-Carltons on wheels" and watching my parents buy trailers worth more than my college education).

Tomorrow is Derby Day, and I've not missed a Derby once since I was about 5. It's a wide open race this year, but my mind and heart are, unless I have reason to think otherwise, going with Street Sense. Yes, he did win the Breeder's Cup Juvenile and thus carries the burden of the 'Juvenile Jinx', but if any horse can beat the jinx it's this colt. There are a few other horses I refuse to write off, but I spent my afternoon writing an article about the race and am going to cuddle with Hubby and the kitty now. Have a great weekend!

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i pretty much love lucy too!

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