Perfect Summery Frock

Oh, the perils of using a cellphone camera to take pictures of items meant for eBay - but I'm hoping you'll be able to see past iffy image quality and realize the full summery potential of this beautiful vintage dress, especially since it's in a hard-to-find larger size.

As you can see from the still-attached tag, this is NOS, or "new old stock". In other words, this darling has been languishing in some dark corner or basement, never worn, never loved, never seeing the light of day or flattering some lovely lady with the beautiful cut, sweet colours, pretty print, and snappy neckline piping. No hand ever slid into the pocket to deposit a lipstick, house key, receipt from an ice-cream cone, not even a to-be-prized ticket stub during a much-anticipated date. No one ever wondered what colour shoes to pair this dress with - green? Chocolate? White, or perhaps flesh-tone? (Black would never do.) Never were its skirts spread out on a picnic blanket or church pew, ferris-wheel seat or Grandma's davenport sofa.

What a shame...Although of course all that means nothing has ever been spilled on it, either!

Made of lightweight cotton-rayon and still retaining her original belt, this dress is so pretty and, I assure you, well-cut. The seller (this is an eBay find) says this dress is in perfect condition and the fabric is quite soft. Best of all? It's another plus-size vintage piece - 46-40-50. Priced at just $9.99 right now - the auction ends next Wednesday, August first - this lovely, lovely frock is definitely a major steal. Snap it up now, you're sure to be glad you did!

Really. Buy this dress. Buy it...

Update... Okay, the same seller has many other lovely dresses, including this slipper satin cocktail dress, also starting at $9.99, with measurements of 42-32-44. I can practically see Grace Kelly in a dress like this - in fact, I believe I have. This is a classic cut, ladies. Hie the to eBay if you're hunting for a dress or two, darlings!

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