A Jewelry Box on Your Finger

I am so sorry about my absence on Friday - a conglomeration of surprises (and un-surprises, like our picking up the most recent and final Harry Potter book at midnight) just kept me from posting. Tonight's posting will be lamentably (?) short as well, as I'm battling an ear problem with dizziness-inducing antibiotics (my doctor said, "Wow, your eardrums are really beat up", and my theory is it is never good to hear one's doctor say "wow" when they're examining you). My sincere apologies, and I do hope y'all had a terrific weekend. Anyone else finish the final Harry Potter (didn't take me long)? Thoughts welcome - but no spoilers!

Rachel of Hue Consulting tipped me off to today's artist last month, and I'm finally getting around to featuring Hilary Hachey. She's a little pricier than some of the work I've featured but it's so lovely I figure we might as well start our week off with something unique and beautiful.

In her email to me, Rachel mentioned loving a particular line of Hilary's work that incorporated colourful stones. I'm not sure if these rings are part of that line, but they're singular, aren't they? (Item R800 in the "Rings" section of Hilary's online catalog.) The rings themselves are sterling silver, as are the small "boxes" holding your gems - you can choose from coral, turquoise, lapis, onyx, lapidalite jasper, malachite, and red tiger eye. Lovely, aren't they? And definitely different from the usual. The stones appear to be suspended in the box with a bar of sterling silver. Handcrafted by Hilary herself, each sculptural ring is $90. They really do look like little jewel boxes, don't they? The rings are charmingly fun (if you're strange in the head like me) and sophisticated at the same time.

Hilary works from her Baltimore studio. In business since 2000, she's already garnered an impressive amount of recognition and awards from art shows (I find myself wondering if she has been to the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, which we unfortunately missed this weekend). Her online catalog features a wonderful array of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins - even some really terrific cufflinks! Her mix of modern and natural is interesting and refreshing, so it's no surprise to me at least that she's such a popular lady. ;)



Blogger Rachel said...

oh wow, somehow, i totally missed her online catalog when i sent you the tip. this is the necklace that i own from Hilary's collection: http://tinyurl.com/33etqf
Glad you liked them!

Blogger Bejeweled said...

These are really cool! How to choose just one?

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you are able to get some rest and feel better soon!

We did the midnight HP party thing too - the energy and fan costumes at the bookstore were amazing!

Blogger Jen said...

Oh, thanks, I feel FAR better. Whew! Remmy must have been batting my ears as I slept.

The costumes at the HP release party were pretty fun - especially the woman dressed like Hedwig. Now, that's creative (and a lot of white monster fur!).

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