A Victorian Beauty

As much as I like rings, it's often difficult to find one that isn't dowdy or hyper-flashy. It's also a little trying at times, particularly with indie-made rings, to find ones that aren't gargantuan and just too big for my already small hands. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way! Big rings can be fun sometimes, but for everyday wear, they're not practical and not quite as entertaining to wear.

Fortunately, I stumbled across this lovely porcelain ring from Round Rabbit that is not only chic and pretty, but normally sized as well!

The rectangular shape is fresh and interesting, and could be masculine were it not for the delicate, pretty Victorian scrolling on the face of the ring. The porcelain piece has been glazed with a wispy green, and is mounted on a silver-toned adjustable ring that has been engraved.

This is just a really lovely piece of jewelry for a pittance - $12. There's plenty more like it at Round Rabbit's shop; thus far, this is the only rectangular ring I could find, but there are also many pendants, circular rings, beautiful summery bracelets and earrings, all fashioned from porcelain. It's wonderful that someone has taken such a fine medium and made such beautiful jewelry with it!



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That's a gorgeous ring, I would totally wear it. :]

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