Pretty In Pink...and Green!
Sometimes, I just don't know what I'm thinking. Let's face it, there is no shortage of pink in my wardrobe - certainly not in amounts coming close to Elle Woods proportions, but it's there. Hey, it happens to be a flattering colour on me!

Oddly, though, I haven't a single necklace with pink in it other than a vintage necklace featuring three strands of pink and fuschia pearl beads. While it's gorgeous, it isn't exactly practical for everyday (it's far more suited to a nice dinner out, an orchestra concert, a wedding, that sort of thing, because it is major glam). This means that depending on the pink in my outfit, I'm usually stuck with silver. I've just never found the 'right' pink necklace for regular, everyday-type wear.

I must say, though, I really like this pretty strawberries and mint necklace from Meristem. It incorporates pink with a seafoam green and black beads, leading to a sort of confectionery, "I think I might taste it just to see if it's good" colour blend that's very pretty and ladylike without being treacly or contrived. The funky square pendant is a great centerpiece for the necklace, too, naturally drawing the eye up to your face.

Artist Katherine (who also does custom orders) was inspired to create this $38 string of jewels by thoughts of yummy homemade strawberry ice cream with mint on top. Her friend created the glass mod-style pendant, which was combined with the pink cat's eyes, black czech glass, and green crack quartz beads. A lovely window-like glass bead sits on either side of the necklace, and it's all strung on nylon-coated wire for durability and so the beads can move freely instead of getting all scrunched up together on a collarbone (been there, done that...). A sterling silver toggle ensures that your springy necklace wont' go anywhere. That this necklace includes 3 colours in soft tones is definitely a good thing - you'll be able to wear it with more outfits than just pink or green ones. I can see this necklace making a nice gift for someone, too!

Meristem Creations looks to be a pretty new shop, but she's got 16 very fully satisfied customers who've left reviews. Her work is really lovely and unique, which left me struggling a bit to figure out what to feature (I also like the Almost Raining earrings chic Picnic With Katie necklace and fabulous, I-want-it-now Island Hopping necklace); one can easily see that Katherine is definitely inspired by nature.

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Beautiful necklace Meristem....love the colour combo and Jen's description is fantastic.

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