Circular Reasoning

Well, y'all know how much I like simple, elegant things, and these Pure and Simple earrings from Starry Designs fit the bill wonderfully, don't they? A freshwater coin pearl (probably one of my favourite kinds of pearl - the feel of them is so interesting) shines below a handformed, hand-hammered sterling silver hoop. These lovely earrings hang from your eyes via a french hook.

At $16.90, these are a real deal - and because they're so uncomplicated and effortlessly stylish, they're ideal if you're looking to just own a few pieces of jewelry that can do anything, although of course they're great if you get a kick out of collecting jewelry, right? They can go from office to dinner or party with ease; they're pretty but not ostentatious and so suitable for everything from church to weddings.

Also, freshwater pearls are the official birthstone for June. What more reason do you need?

Of course, as you probably know, pearls have been around as jewelry for ages, and some legends hinted that perhaps pearls were the tears of the gods. Chinese myths held that pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought; some think pearls posess the powers to protect, especially children, and that the gems can endow wisdom upon their wearer. Pearls were beloved by ">Queen Elizabeth I - as well as her rival Mary, Queen of Scots. They're the only gem created by a living creature, and while the process certainly began by accident when a piece of sand or stone got caught inside a mollusk's shell, nowadays there are plenty of cultured pearls on the market as well. Pearls are grown and harvested worldwide (including from Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria, and the Mississippi River) and can vary greatly in colour - from the classic creamy white to copper tones and black.

While beautiful, they're also a bit more fragile than other gems. They dissolve in vinegar and are very, very sensitive to extreme heat, dryness, and humidity, and in fact should be worn regularly to help them maintain their lustre.

Adored by Cleopatra, Isabella Queen of Spain, Marie Antoinette, and of course Liz Taylor, pearls are a classic and perfect jewelry. It's really no wonder that they're so popular - they are flattering to everyone, go with everything, and instantly speak of culture and refinement. Thousands of years after the first woman placed a string of them around her neck and Queen Elizabeth studded her fantastic gowns with them, they still fascinate.

These earrings, as well as some other really lovely pearl jewelry, available from Starry Designs. Be sure to check out her cute peas in a pod pendants, too.



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