Fun Friday: Mixing It Up

Once again I've found a treat that really is just the definition of 'fun', and it's pretty to boot. I love it when I manage to find stuff like this...Can't you just see yourself cheerfully wearing this limited edition half 'n half skirt to the office this summer, or a picnic or barbeque? Honestly, I think wearing it to the office would be most fun due to the reactions of one's coworkers; I can see the confused faces now (and hear the "Wow, that is such a cute skirt! Oh my goodness!" remarks after people realize what you're up to). A Vera 'calico plaid' print is separated from a jumbo gingham by a cute ric-rack trim in a summery shade of olive. Really, I just can't look at this cute treat from Made With Love By Hannah without hearing "SUMMER!" joyfully jump-roping through my brain, can you?

The $52 skirt is completely handmade, and yes, it's made with love. Best of all, it's available in sizes from extra small to 3X-large - in other words, for waists from 25 to 39 inches.

Hannah, if you'll recall, is the creator of the famous and squeal-worthy apple-picking skirt from...last spring? Last summer? I don't recall, but it's still darned cute itself. It almost dares you to look at it and not like it, it's so cute.

Anyhow, this darling half 'n half skirt is so much fun and really adorable and creative, and also dares you not to like its charm and whimsical sweetness. In addition to this, Hannah has oodles of fabulous, chic clothing - and she's on a real European folklorish kick this year and it is fun beyond words. Her new stuff is a lot of fun to look at, but that's never a surprise...she really needs to start a 'wish list' function for shoppers. Have a great time spinning around her shop, and don't forget to check out the great goodies from her grandmother, too - like this fabulous wedding/wedding shower gift idea.

Enjoy your weekend!



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