Some of the Prettiest Tees You'll Ever See

So, I was nursing a minor illness today when I ran across some really lovely, lyrical artwork on Flickr. The artwork was displayed on stationery, but as a bona-fide doodler myself, i had to take a closer look at the home of the stationery, Imaginary Friends. Imagine my happiness (and doubtless a healthy jump from my immune system) to see that not only does Imaginary Friends offer beautiful artwork masquerading as stationery, they sell t-shirts featuring the work as well!

As you can see, I had a difficult time picking just one tee to share, so I chose a handful: the Northern Pygmy, the woodpecker, a panamanian golden frog and even a men's tee featuring the most stylish monkey I've ever seen (in this case, it's a golden snub-nosed monkey). Each tee's page tells you a little about the animal featured - for instance, the red-cockaded woodpecker builds sap wells near the entrance to its nest to protect its young from snakes and other predators.

Each $28 tee is 100% jersey cotton that has been hand-silkscreened with the image, and they come in small, medium, and large (the monkey tee comes in extra large as well). This definitely takes that all-American classic fashion icon to a new level, especially since the delicate artwork on the tees is so sophisticated, making these tees a dressier option for days you still want to be comfortable. Really, I'm so impressed by the beautiful artwork, which is obviously inspired by the beauty of creation all around us. They are all just so lovely! These tees will top off skirts and pants with equally stylish aplomb and class.

Imaginary Friends also offers accessories, prints, and the aforementioned stationery, all featuring this elegant artwork. There are several more designs available, so be sure to check them out!

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